Really like the post. What helped me tremendously is a simple system: when your time to check emails comes, you review them and take action for each of them. There are 4 types of action:

delete if an email is not relevant,

archive if you want to keep it simply for future reference,

reply right away if it is a quick reply & then move it to archive,

plan replying to the email in your agenda if it requires longer answer/more actions/bundles well with already existing task in you agenda (it works nicely for outlook calendar).

Result? Empty inbox. Everything is archived or planned in. Nothing goes forgotten. To-do lists don't exist. You just go with your agenda (where checking of emails and taking one of the 4 actions is also planned in of course). Peace of mind.

As I wrote, the method is simple, yet requires discipline, especially to maintain it in 100%. At times it can be tempting to create an alternative to-do list. Anyway, for me it worked wonders:)

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Hey Lucyna, thanks for your comment! It's really good tips and I'm planning to publish a post about the Inbox Zero method, which is basically what you just described (now I'm wondering if a 1000+ words article to describe the method makes sense 🤣). Stay tuned, it should come soon.

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